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In fact only the front five bells at Petham (6, M&S 1923) have "ugly" Donca=
ster heads as frequently used by that firm, Warners and Gilletts. The tenor=
has a "beautiful" flat head, as used by Taylors. I suppose beauty (or ugli=
ness) is in the eye of the beholder, depending whose name is on the bell :)

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The Whitechapel bells at Petham were cast with "ugly Doncaster heads" (I=
don't personally find them particularly ugly) as late as 1923.

Warners stopped canons altogether as part of their 1910 revolution. But
they cast some bells, both in rings and otherwise, flat-topped earlier, e=
Bryanston tenor in 1898 and a bell formerly in the ring at Harston, Leics=
as early as 1873. GAD will confirm, but I think this latter bell might h=
been cast with canons only to have them removed because of shortage of sp=
in the belfry.


>> Subject : Re: [Bell Historians] Flat crowns
>> I am sure that this subject has been raised before but I would be grat=
>> if someone could tell me when bells were first cast with flat crowns, =
>> Taylor and Warner bells in particular and did it apply to all sizes of=
> Taylor's started casting the back bells of rings (usually the tenor of =
> back two or three of 8, and back three or four of ten or 12) with flat
> crowns and the rest with canons in the late 1860s / 1870s. In the mid-1=
> canons disappeared altogether.
> Whitechapel and Warner's were later - early decades of C20. From the la=
> decades of the C19 up until then the tended to use ugly Doncaster Heads=
> David

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