[Bell Historians] Little Bredy (was Chislehurst)

Nick Bowden nickwbowden at f...
Tue Jun 8 14:18:56 BST 2004

David Bryant <david at b...> wrote:
> The reverse happened at St Anthony in Menage a few years ago - the 
ring consisted of two Taylor trebles on a Gillett back six. The 
trebles were replaced by new Whitechapel Gillett-profile bells. Does 
anyone know whether the Taylor fittings were reused? I believe the 
Taylor bells were going to that place (can't remember the name) in 
Dorset with the six bell chime including odd-shaped bells. Has this 

Little Bredy is the name. I would also like to know whether this has 
happened yet and more particularly the fate of the 1850 odd-shaped 
bells. I understood that one was to be retained in the chime of six, 
but what of the others? Surely, the oddest should have been preserved 
as how not to cast a bell:) Did a definitive answer as to who cast 
them ever materialise?


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