[Bell Historians] Re: G&J tuning

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Tue Jun 15 15:48:42 BST 2004

> Spot on to what though. The tuning forks that they used, which are 
in the corner here, are far from accurate, especially by today's "to 
the cent" tuning that some of the carillon consultants insist on. For 
example, I've just picked up the first one to hand, marked 760 Hz - 
is actually 756.7 Hz - 8 cents flat! They get much worse higher up.
> Andrew

Spot on according to their tuning records! 

It should be possible to find out just how accurate they were if we 
can persuade Dickon (poor old Dickon, it all seems to be down to him 
these days to do the graft!) to record the back two bells at Bromley 
and subject them to Bill's Waveanal programme. I have (back at home 
in England) a copy of the tuning book figures for these bells and 
they looked pretty good to me.

As is always the case, you can only be as accurate as the measuring 
instrument you use.


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