[Bell Historians] Re: G&J tuning

LOVE, Dickon dickon.love at a...
Tue Jun 15 16:06:02 BST 2004

"It should be possible to find out just how accurate they were if we 
can persuade Dickon (poor old Dickon, it all seems to be down to him 
these days to do the graft!) to record the back two bells at Bromley 
and subject them to Bill's Waveanal programme."

That should be possible, but I do need to get myself a decent recording
device (as by now Bill must be shouting 'hear hear' to!) otherwise my
figures could be worse than Gillett's! Still, it would be a pleasure to
record what must be one of the finest bells in the land and certainly one of
my favourites.

"I have (back at home in England) a copy of the tuning book figures for
these bells and they looked pretty good to me."

Oh - I wonder where that came from! :)

And before anyone else is wondering how many more times Richard is going to
remind us that he is on the other side of the world, I would remind him

1. It is winter there and summer here (and a nice warm one at that at the
2. Euro 2004 games take place in the middle of the night over there! :)



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