[Bell Historians] Re: G&J tuning

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Wed Jun 16 16:25:08 BST 2004

> And before anyone else is wondering how many more times Richard is 
going to
> remind us that he is on the other side of the world, I would remind 
> that:
> 1. It is winter there and summer here (and a nice warm one at that 
at the
> mo)
> 2. Euro 2004 games take place in the middle of the night over 
there! :)
> DrL

Of no interest to Bell Historians really but,

1. The Western Australian idea of winter is pathetic and it has 
been warmer here today than it is on an AVERAGE summer's day in 

2. I've come out here (apart from having lots of work out here) to 
get away from the bloody football!

I've been ringing on a very pleasant little Gillett six this evening 
(Claremont, formerly at Cannonbury), as I do every Wednesday when in 
Perth ...would you like to find me the tuning firgure for those too 
whilst you're at it?!!!


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