[Bell Historians] Liverpool Cathedral Bells

Dickon Love dickon.love at a...
Wed Jun 30 09:51:34 BST 2004

> Before you run off castigating Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the truly 
great architect of Liverpool Cathedral, you should remember that he 
was a personal friend of A A Hughes. Both were men of integrity and 
humility. Both, and also Paul Taylor, the founder of 'Great George', 
warned the Cathedral authorities of the consequences which would 
attend the placing of such enormousd quantities of bell metal within 
such vast spaces surrounded by so much concrete and with so little 
enclosure for the ringers.

Surely the problem is not the amount of metal. Even a small ring of 
bells would be inaudible and lost in that cavern of a tower. The 
suggestion to have housed the bells in an internal structure sounds 
quite a sensible one to me. I understand that a recent analysis of 
the problem has been commissioned and undertaken although I don't 
know what the recommendations were.


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