[Bell Historians] Liverpool Cathedral Bells

Barry Pickup jbpickup at y...
Wed Jun 30 10:06:01 BST 2004

--- Dickon Love <dickon.love at a...> wrote: 

>Surely the problem is not the amount of metal. Even a
>small ring of bells would be inaudible and lost in
>that cavern of a tower. The suggestion to have housed
>the bells in an internal structure sounds 
>quite a sensible one to me. I understand that a
>recent analysis of the problem has been commissioned
>and undertaken although I don't know what the
>recommendations were.

About 40 years ago I remember hearing about
suggestions that the concrete tower roof be removed
and an East Bergholt-like cover erected over the
Does anybody else remember hearing suggestions like
this or is it a figment of my imagination?


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