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The point I was making and reiterate is that Sir Giles Scott was a friend o=
f A A Hughes and there is no record of him telling AAH to 'mind his own bus=
iness'. Indeed, the idea of the concrete radial frame was AAH's and all Whi=
techapel's publicity at the time extols this novel conception. Had the two =
men been free to develop the consequences of the installation, things might=
have worked out differently. It might still be done to-day, though I can't=
imagine that it would go to the extent of removing the immense concrete ro=
of from the tower.

Someone told me privately that my previous posting was a bit hard on Dean D=
welly, and perhaps it was. The bells were of course cast in 1938-39 (Great =
George in 1940), but the effects of WWII on the Cathedral project were enor=
mous. Scott's design for the west end was abandoned along with a number of =
other things, and it is a matter of thankfulness that the substructure of t=
he bell frame and the shell of the tower had been completed in time to rece=
ive the bells (themselves made possible by the accumulation of interest on =
the Bartlett Bequest of 1912).

Two other things on Liverpool. First, the older, pre WWII Cathedral handbo=
oks state that 'a bell of the peal has been cast and hung in a temporary po=
sition'. This bell is not a part of the Bartlett ring, but where was it, an=
y details, and does it still exist ?

Second, is anyone aware of a really good write-up on the pro-Cathedral of S=
t Peter, Church Street, Liverpool (demolished 1924 or 5), whose bells are n=
ow at St Helen's Parish Church ? Perhaps this is not really list material =
but I can be contacted on dave at d...

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> Before you run off castigating Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the truly=20
great architect of Liverpool Cathedral, you should remember that he=20
was a personal friend of A A Hughes. Both were men of integrity and=20
humility. Both, and also Paul Taylor, the founder of 'Great George',=20=20
warned the Cathedral authorities of the consequences which would=20
attend the placing of such enormousd quantities of bell metal within=20
such vast spaces surrounded by so much concrete and with so little=20
enclosure for the ringers.

Surely the problem is not the amount of metal. Even a small ring of=20
bells would be inaudible and lost in that cavern of a tower. The=20
suggestion to have housed the bells in an internal structure sounds=20
quite a sensible one to me. I understand that a recent analysis of=20
the problem has been commissioned and undertaken although I don't=20
know what the recommendations were.


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