The Crossover

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Wed Mar 10 21:53:35 GMT 2004

Am now at home, and have been checking tuning figures etc. against 
the list of dates originally posted by CJP.

Trevor Jennings' book gives the installation date of the new tuning 
machine as February 1896.

I don't (yet!) have tuning figues for Ewerby (March '96) or 
Cambridge (April '96). If Ewerby really are 15cwt in D then I guess 
the new tuning machine was being used with a vengeance, i.e. they 
took a lot of metal out!

Brewood (June '96) are pretty fair, the treble primes are 15 cents 
flat which is at the limit of audibility.

Merthyr treble was recast in August '96, the other bells date from 
1893 (see my website for details, kindly provided by Andrew Higson 
last year). Prime and hum of the new treble are bang on, and unless 
Ewerby and Cambridge are good, this bell is Taylor's first true-
harmonic treble - a major step forward for them.

Norton we have discussed, the third has a quite flat prime (47 
cents). As Andrew says, they probably would have recast it if they 
had time because clearly by then they could control this partial.

Tushingham I don't have figures for but I take everyone's word that 
they are t-h.

Of course the tierces and quints were wandering about quite a bit 
during all this as they experimented with the shape, but that's 
another story which went on for many more years.

Bill H

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