[Bell Historians] Light rings (was 4-cwt eights)

Richard Offen richard.offen at o...
Tue Mar 30 14:51:11 BST 2004

> While on this subject, I've not measured this but it appears that 
Taylor's hang their trebles out further than Whitechapel, and do so 
more now that they used to. Why is this?
> David
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Presumably to slow them down a bit.   

Is this why, in quite a number of Taylor's larger rings, it is hard 
work to strike the little bells over the large ones (and for the 
tenors to have to pull off in front of the trebles in order to strike 
over them). Compared to Leighton Buzzard, for instance, the trebles 
at Canterbury are a doddle to ring and strike properly (I've rung 
peals on the treble at both)!

Oops! I've probably offended lots of Taylor fans again!!!


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