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The bells removed from the City churches were:

St Batholomew the Great (rehung after). Removed to Cleeve Abbey. The church was only superficially damaged.

St Bartholomew the Less (back two only; treble & sanctus left) - the two removed bells rehung 'dead' after. Removed to Cleeve Abbey. The church was heavily blasted but the two remaining bells were undamaged.

St Andrew Undershaft (rehung 'dead' after). Bill Rawlins had rung here and told me that they were a good-toned six, a bit of a handful. They were first stood out on the pavement and then removed to Cleeve Abey. The church was more heavily damaged by the IRA bombs than A. Hitler.

St Magnus were removed in 1938, not because of fears for the War, but because an American benefactor had offered to restore them. They were stood first in the church grounds, then stored in railway arches, finally in the back yard and then the front yard at Whitechapel. Scrapped 1971. The church was undamaged in the war. See articles by myself ('A Lost London Lament' a few years back and by Dickon 'Where the Bells no longer Ring' a couple of years ago).

St Clement Danes (Westminster) were taken down and buried - but water was hosed onto the spot when the church was blitzed "to cool them down"....... 


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DB <It's a shame they weren't removed for safety before the war, as a number of other city-centre rings were.>

I think it could be true that all the towers emptied during the war for safety remained unscathed whilst those with the bells left in got hit

Bells removed were thus not necessarily safe!

Is there a list of those removed? Did Dove list those rings destroyed?

Let me start it off the top...


Magnus the M (thus in greater danger)


Hart St
St Brides
St Paul's (east end hit)
Dunstan's in the East

Looks as if the the Luftwaffe were using an old copy of the College Youths practice schedule as a guide.

I'm beginning to feel a touch of paranoia, was Goerbels a Cumberland do you think?


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