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> Does anyone have details of the new ring / frame &fittings for Menangle in 
> Australia? I'm interested as the tenor is a former Somerset bell.
> I've tried emailing Keltek, but unusually no reply - perhaps my emails 
> aren't getting through - it says on their website that there have been problems 
> with this, and I know that my freeserve account does get bounced from some 
> servers.

Dave has been away during April - and he is snowed under with emails since 

The tenor is (i believe) ex Christ Church, Rode Hill, Somerset. 33" dia 
ยข5.75cwt. 1824 John Rudhall. This was removed about 5 years ago when thisChurch 
was made redundant along with nearby Woolverton (2 medieval Bristol bells -now 
at Bradford on Avon (HT) and Buscot (Oxon).

Incidentally - we removed the long unringable six at St Lawrence, Rode (same 
benefice) 2 weeks ago. They should be ringing again sometime next year.


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