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I had a similar problem when I was at university in Birmingham. Learners at Edgabston carved through innumerable stays that we had bought locally. I was allowed to try buying a stay from the trade - WBF, as it happened and, hey presto, it didn't get broken again - at least not for the time I was there, nor were any of the others that we subsequently replaced with "proper" ash. Long term, the saving to that tower by paying more for a better cut of wood outweighed the initial extra expense, especially as it came in the post rather than having to chase around to a suitable(ish) wood yard.

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> On the subject of different stay materials, I remember, many years 
> ago, going up to look at the bells at Coltishall in Norfolk and 
> finding that the treble had been fitted with two pieces of bent angle-
> iron in place of the stay. Given that the bells were on G & J 
> headstocks and the propensity to gudgeon failure this manufacturer's 
> stock have, it was a wonder there hadn't been a nasty accident!

I believe the headstock of the 3rd at Aston got smashed by using a box-section steel stay, and the bell had to be be rehung on a new stock. Bells have had the crown broken out by too strong a stay being fitted - e.g. Bosbury, Herefordshire.

I've tried stays with dowells, and found that they go too easily and, as Andrew said, without warning.

It's getting quite difficult to get good air-dried ash. The kiln dried stuff is crap, especially for small socketed stays - a slight tap and over it goes!



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