Worcester Cathedral

David Beacham david1.beacham at v...
Wed May 26 19:04:15 BST 2004

Further to Anne Willis's reference to "...the glorious picture of Worcester
Cathedral Belfry...." in "The Builder" of March 21, 1874, thanks to Chris
Pickford I have a copy of it that I have scanned and put on my web site.
It's well worth looking so be patient while it downloads (770 kb).

The present bells, recast by JT in 1928, hang in this frame. The flat 4th
and flat 8th (as we call them - sharp 5th and sharp 9th if you prefer)
now hang in the space nearest the artist.

The carillon machine is not operating at the moment. When it does so it
plays on all fifteen ringing bells except the treble; two hammers per bell.
It is provided with seven barrels, each pinned with seven tunes (hymns and
traditional airs).

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