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>> It is equally as much of a nonsense to decribe a ring as being
>in 'X'
>> International Pitch when they are half a semitone flat or sharp of
>> that note. The obvious thing would be to dispense with the
>> references to pitch in Dove and other publications altogether, but
>> the record gathering anoraks would hate that!
>"Accurate" weights are usually recorded to the nearest lb, so why not
>record pitch to the nearest semitone? That's the "obvious" thing to
>do, surely..?
I don't think it would be a good idea to fill Dove with a load of 
information that is of little interest to the average bell ringer who 
uses it to organise outings and record their grabs. I believe that the 
best medium to store detailed information would be a web based resource.

This could store as much information as is available for each ring of 
bells (or significant individual bell) (such as founder, founding date, 
date(s) of rehanging / augmentations, sources of info, weights, pitch of 
each bell (in as much detail as available), inscriptions, canons, photos 
and sketches, etc.) and updated as more information is forthcoming or 
details change or are corrected.

It could, of course, also store more than the current info and should, 
in my opinion, store historic information of lost rings of bells, old 
bells and bell frames, photos and other records of bells before being 
recast or de-canoned etc.

It would only work if someone, or a group of people, were prepared to 
start it up and maintain it.

I apologise if this has been brought up before.

Paul Marshall

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