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May I add my support for consistency in the reporting of bell notes. Most o=
f the bell-hanging trade use International Pitch when quoting a note. White=
chapel sometimes quote other pitches but at least they state which pitch is=
used. I have also noticed that at least one member of the trade quotes the=
tenor nominal frequency when they provide bell details to the church.

As a matter of course I now forward details of the tenor Nominal frequency =
and note (International Pitch) to John Baldwin. Although these details do n=
ot yet appear in the on-line Dove, at least it is a start to more accurate =
reporting of the tenor key-note. It is surprising how many key notes listed=
in Dove have turned out to be incorrect.

To join the bell weights debate, in 1995 we had the bells at St Michael wit=
h St Paul, Bath re-tuned and they are a considerable improvement on what th=
ey were. We were supplied with a list of weights by the main contractor and=
they were different to those measured by Whitechapel:

Treble: WBF 5-1-2 (Contractor 5-1-6)
2nd: 5-3-5 (5-3-6)
3rd: 6-0-24 (6-1-2)
4th: 6-2-24 (6-3-0)
5th: 7-1-6 (7-1-3)
6th: 8-2-2 (8-2-0)
7th: 11-0-20 (11-0-17)
Tenor: 14-1-9 (14-2-0)

What this shows is that we believe quoted weights to be accurate to the nea=
rest pound, however they are only as accurate as the scales used and it see=
ms that in at least one case accuracy to the nearest pound is not being ach=


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