Bell weights - Bath, S. M w P

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Tue Oct 5 09:50:12 BST 2004

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> The assumption we made at the time was that the weights given by 
Whitechapel were more accurate than the contractor. However we had no 
way of checking this.
> I won't name the contractor, but suffice to say it was an 
established bell-hanging company in the Midlands.
> The point is we take weights as being accurate but they are only as 
accurate as the scales being used. Should one quote weights to the 
nearest pound when the scale accuarcy is to several pounds?
> Dave

One assumes that at establishments like Taylor's and Whitechapel the 
Weights and Measures man comes to check the scales occasionally ...or 
is that yet another institution that has been swept away in the name 
of progress?!


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