Temperaments and bell weights

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Wed Oct 6 13:42:53 BST 2004

We do inform customers in the specification that we use "unequal 
temperament". At kettering, I made a point of mentioning the specific 
tuning used. If there is a request for a specific tuning (and there 
have been two within the last three months) I will honour the 
request, providing it is nothing outrageous such as the Ab scale of 
1/3rd comma mean-tone! Of course, many ringers are not at all 
interested in what temperament is used, providing the bells sound in 
tune without being bland.
In tuning old rings, when I have decided how much I am lowering the 
key-note, I calculate the "A" value as a matter of course, I do 
usually use recognised pitch standards such as A=454, A=450, A=444, 
A=440, A=435, A=431. However, when there is a listed bell (or bells) 
which are to remain untuned, the pitch standard is predetermined.

Regarding bell weights,our floor-pan weighing scales are checked 
every six months and are very accurate; significantly more than crane 
scales generally are.
Nigel taylor

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