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Wed Oct 6 18:43:52 BST 2004

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> > So are you insinuating that our bell founders are less than 
> > with their customers? Because that's what it sounds like to me!
> > 
> > R
> Not quite sure why you are so defensive. I'm merely reflecting the
> disappointment which can occur in such circumstances. I think
> 'high-handed' is more in line with my thinking. How many bells have 
> purchased Richard??
> Steve

I have had a very large involvement in the purchase of a great many 
bells (at least 40 immediately spring to mind!) over the years and in 
all cases both I and everyone else involved knew exactly what we were 
getting from which ever foundry we were dealing with.

Perhaps I was reading more into your statment than was there, but it 
seemed to me that you were saying that the customers at places like 
Milton had no idea they were getting bells tuned in a particular 
manner until it was pointed out to them by an 'outsider'. I simply 
do not believe that such information was not clearly stated in 
estimates, contracts, etc.

With regard to Paul Taylor's old style bells, in 1975 I was involved 
in the project to recast the third at Eastry in Kent and it was quite 
clearly stated in Taylor's estimate the style of tuning the firm 
intended to use. Whether that style was right or appropriate is an 
entirely subjective opinion - the customer in that case was quite 
satisfied with the end result (not sure that I was though!).


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