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Going right back to the events of 1955-57, if JH is still awake, he should =
turn up the RW of May 9th 2003 with an article by ADH and a letter from mys=
elf explaining what happened then both in bell casting and artefacts at the=
Loughborough end. As for M&S, they acquired an excellent tuning machine - =
which I think had previously been at Warner's before G&J obtained it. And t=
hey also obtained a very good bell tuner in the person of the late Wally Sp=

As Richard says of casting to others' profiles, this sort of thing has been=
going on for a long time. Apart from the 3 dozen bells that JT & Co cast f=
or G&J 1955-7, I recall a 17thC broken bell which WBF recast in complete fa=
csimile about 30 years ago, shape, lettering, canons & all. And at JT's the=
other week there were the two trebles for Lundy; if you didn't know otherw=
ise, to look at them, you'd think that Charles Carr Esq was still alive.

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> With the demise of bell founding at Croydon, the first bells to be=20
> commissioned by G&J (Calgary?) were cast by Taylors. I believe=20
> Taylors purchased G&J's equipment when the bell founding side of=20
> firm was terminated. Why is it then, that the two trebles at Egham=20
> and the later 'G&J profile' rings have come from Whitechapel?

Jim, do wake up please! We went through all of this a few weeks ago.

The two trebles for Egham were cast for G & J (Clock Makers) by=20
Whitechapel and the new Whitechapel rings cast to G & J profiles are=20
just what they say, bells cast with similar design features (if=20
that's the correct phrase!) to bells cast at the Croydon Bell=20
Foundry. In the same way, Eayre & Smith had two bells cast to=20
Joseph Hatch profiles when they augmented the four Hatch bells at=20
Peasmarsh, Sussex a few years ago ( there are several other examples=20
of this sort of work).


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