[Bell Historians] Re: Gillett & Johnston's 'successors'

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Mon Oct 18 09:37:23 BST 2004

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> Going right back to the events of 1955-57, if JH is still awake, he 
should turn up the RW of May 9th 2003 with an article by ADH and a 
letter from myself explaining what happened then both in bell casting 
and artefacts at the Loughborough end. As for M&S, they acquired an 
excellent tuning machine - which I think had previously been at 
Warner's before G&J obtained it. And they also obtained a very good 
bell tuner in the person of the late Wally Spraget.

I don't think that the tuning machine now at Whitechapel was 
originally a Warner one, but I might be wrong. It was the big one, 
used to tune bells like the Riverside Bourdon, that came from Warners 
and was known as "Warner's White Elephant".


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