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=A368 for a full 1928 G&J Catalogue sounds pretty reasonable to me, I would=
go up to a ton. They are fairly bulky, loose leaf affairs with sections on=
Bells in general, Ringing Peals, Chimes, Carillons and Clocks, pages inser=
ted as required. The last M&S (1891) catalogue I bought was =A380; I did no=
t begrudge this as my 1895, 1912, 1919 and 1570-1920 ones were all given by=
benefactors, as were my early Taylor ones and even that of Llewellins & Ja=

Returning to Gillett & Johnston: I went to the recent 160th Anniversary Ser=
vice in Croydon Parish Church and thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and the c=
hampagne reception afterwards. The Coombes family, who own G&J (Clocks) Ltd=
now certainly gave credit where it was due. Lady Price (nee Rosemary Johns=
ton) was present and a photographic display on bells was surmounted by an i=
mpressive likeness of the Great Man himself. Altogether a worthwhile and no=
stalgic occasion - a pity more of the ringing fraternity were not there.
I am doing a write up for the RW.

Re Westcroft Park - presumably the clock bells are still there - has anyone=
inspected them or got details?


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> "Don't know - I missed a copy of G & J's 1928 catalogue by about 30
> seconds on E-bay the other night ...I was too slow to catch cold and
> missed putting a bid on in the dying seconds!
> R"
> How much did it go for? There is one on abebooks at a booksellers=20
in Howden
> but he wanted something around =A3300 for it and I wanted to pay=20
under =A350 so
> nothing happened!
> Andrew

It went for =A368 ...a bit nearer the price you and I would be willing=20
to pay for it!=20=20=20

There's also a late ninteenth century Mears' catalogue on ABE and=20
they're asking over =A3200 for that as well!


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