Wavanal bell tuning analysis software

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Sun Oct 31 21:17:14 GMT 2004

Those of you who use Wavanal should know that I have recently 
uploaded a revised version 5.3 to my website www.hibberts.co.uk. The 
most significant change is a much improved ability to find partials 
correctly in noisy recordings. I have also included the facility to 
base note-names on A=435 as well as A=440, and also to use German 
note names, for my continental users (for whom I previously had to 
produce special builds). Finally, I've cured some minor bugs.

If you do use Wavanal, you ought to download the new version, it 
works better.

A similarly updated version of Tuner will be coming out sometime.

Happy analysing,

Bill H

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