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MessageJust voted and, well yes, the result so far are just what you would =
expect from members of this list. In no way could they be regarded as a val=
id representative sample of the exercise!

The problem is of course that Dove is not really a technical document.=20
It is a commercial product to some considerable extent.

The compilers therefore have to be wary of the feelings and views of their =

If you weren't plugged in to the technical side of ringing and the Tenor we=
ight at your local tower was changed on the=20
say-so of some Anorak you'd never heard of without any reference to your lo=
cal parish I think you might be a little put out by it.=20
Therefore I think I can understand the compilers position.
It would be an enormous task for them to enter into correspondence with eve=
ry tower where an alteration is deemed necessary and obviously not on.

Whether or not it might be possible for members of this list to create a co=
nsultative mechanisim to deal with alterations in bulk and assist John Bald=
win I don't know?=20
[Probably not! It would not be surprising to find that most on this list =
may be strong on the past but not so good at constructing the future. If yo=
u think about it, compiling Dove is about constructing the future. (Fightin=
g talk! Someone prove me wrong:-)]

On the subject of classification of 12's etc with incidentals and extras it=
would be most helpful if the compilers could revert to the old standard wh=
ich made perfect sense to the practitioners on these numbers and stop infli=
cting this nonsense on us.
A 12 with an extra treble and flat 6th is a 12 with a light 10....... not a=
13 or a 14.=20

I say that even though I'm the only one daft enough to have been persuaded =
to call a peal of Yorkshire 14 at St Margarets Leicester!

I would copy this to John Baldwin if I had his address to hand. Perhaps he =
is getting this correspondence?

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