Little Hereford

Richard Offen richard at ...
Thu Aug 11 08:57:39 BST 2005

> The local association only help affiliated towers, there bell fund
> rules and do not, as far as I can see, affiliate 3 bell towers.

The Hereford Diocesan Guild Bell Restoration Fund rules simply 
say "Towers within the Diocese of Hereford may become affiliated to the 
fund by the annual payment of the affiliation fee, which currently is 
£2 per ringing bell, due January 1st and deemed in arrears March 31st."

The affiliation fee is a modest £2 per bell in the tower, due January 
1st and deemed in arrears March 31st. If the parishes wishes to get a 
grant, there's nothing to stop it affiliating.

Why the sudden interest in Little Hereford?



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