[Bell Historians] Bell on ebay

Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Tue Feb 1 18:07:11 GMT 2005

Dear All

Your advice please (quickly).

That bell on Ebay is described as being by Murphy of Dublin dated 1860. The
seller has replied to my request for its dimensions giving [circumference]
at bottom of 62 inch, height of 15 inch and 34 inch [circumference] at top.
Weight approx 125 to 150 kilos. From the picture it has had its canons
removed. It is being sold by someone in the Leeds area.

The bell from St Joseph's, Hunslet is by Murphy of Dublin 1860, diameter
18"(equivalent to circumference of 56.5") and weight 1-2-8 (80kg). It has
had its canons removed.

I have spoken to the Priest who believes that the bell from St Joseph's is
to be transferred to St Peter's Belle Isle. He did not seem terribly
worried but I expressed my concern.

Are these bells one and the same?

Should I contact the police?


PS Now selling for £995.00 with very strange bidding patterns! (Shill
PPS If 1.5 cwt of Murphy bell can sell for this then a few churches might be
best of selling up and starting again!

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