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Tue Jan 18 16:50:18 GMT 2005

The church is hard by the main A30. I recall ringing there in 1974 
and (I
thought) shortly after the rehanging of the bells but in my notes I 
Rehung in a steel frame by Fidler 1976! This could be wrong as the 
tenor was
cast (recast) by Taylor in 1973. The other bells are by Warner 1868.
Formerly, there were three medieval ?bells. The weights of present 
ring of
six: 3-2-0; 4-0-6; 4-2-1; 4-3-11; 6-0-23 & 8-2-11. I do not recall the
tonal qualities of the ring.

Neil Skelton.>

I rang at Monkton in 1978. The tenor is a nice bell, but the Warner 
front 5 were rather poor, particularly the 3 trebles.
Nigel Taylor

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