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> Depends who built it etc. The glass alone could give it the * rating, bu=
t the other fittings maybe of note. Nineteenth century=20

> churches are as interesting as older ones in their own way. I haven't go=
t a Pevsner for Devon, so I can't look it up.

J. Hayward, whoever he was - C15 tower retained. The church is really rathe=
r unexceptional: that is clear from photos and description.

I think Mike Chester's question about why the price is relatively low is an=
swered by the information from the agents, anyway - the uses to which the b=
uilding can be put are very restrictive, major alterations are unlikely to =
be approved, the churchyard is not included in the sale (although right of =
way is obviously granted over it), and there is no parking.

To be honest, I'll be surprised if it sells in a hurry!

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