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Ben Willetts ben at ...
Wed May 25 20:35:52 BST 2005

Leigh Simpson wrote:
> Somebody suggested the idea of a supplement to the RW...
> ... Makes the RW better value for money, making it more
> attractive to customers (us!)

And there you have the problem. You seem to be proposing that the
supplement would be added to the RW without any increase in the cost of the
comic (which, I agree, is the only way it could ever happen through the RW
without damaging its circulation figures). However, it would still need to
be paid for.

The RW struggles along as it is, with a low budget and overstretched staff.
They are not going to want to, or be able to, cope with a supplement once a
month, however short it is. They would not be able to edit it, and they
would not be able to pay for it. Even if someone else edited it (free?
every month?), the RW would still have to ensure it was ready on time and
was printed and inserted in every copy, which adds to their workload.

I think the only way it could be done would be to edit it ourselves (and
possibly print it ourselves) and *pay* the RW to insert it. This would
certainly not be cheap, although I'm sure they wouldn't charge the normal
advertising supplement rate for it (which, by the way, is £320 for single A4
sheets supplied printed). So for a decent supplement, say 4 or 8 sides of
A4 a month, we're maybe looking at £4000-£8000 a year.

So, Leigh, where is this money to come from?



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