[Bell Historians] Liverpool Cathedral Bells - Inscriptions

David Bryant davidbryant at Ry3aidJluipz3zckov8XLdRxQgypfCrk_EPlpuzsbvkFqPn9hwfqBStQL30Yiqaxe93l2ujefW5j77K9YGyxPg.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 11 22:05:11 BST 2006

> I will also be updating my (renamed) www.liverpoolbells.moonfruit.com
> with very rare drawings and pictures of the Cathedral that I have
> come across and will announce it on the main page when done - give me
> a few days!

I used to have an interesting postcard, of a conjectural drawing (or it 
might have been painting) for an early design of the cathedral. Certain 
aspects were as built, but the big difference was that instead of the 
central tower there were two transeptal towers, like Exeter. Have you seen a 
copy of this picture? Not sure whether I still have it.



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