[Bell Historians] Notable Bells of the British Isles

David Bryant davidbryant at FCDqOZCMyt_gaetfm1E7dREOcBwq9KcLBEosIgJccY3Qvh3L4E7jmZEZyYkDTeVy-Vqc0q2uP7hgQZlu0-OfxQ.yahoo.invalid
Fri Apr 14 13:37:43 BST 2006

> 3) Nottingham Exchange. CP's list and the Diary give the location as
> the Exchange, Alan Blair has suggested the bell is in the Council
> House. Anyone know for certain?

Yes, definitely Council House. The Exchnge was the previous building on the 
site, demolished to make way for the present one. The clock bells are 
more-or-less contemporary with the building - 1927, I think. Full Details in 
GAD's CB Notts Pt III

They are also the finest clock chime I have heard.



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