[Bell Historians] Notable Bells of the British Isles

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Just to say that "my" list - in reality the result of a lot of peoples' work - began with the locations listed in the diary and in Dove, and in a highly abbreviated form at that. Hence the errors regarding Nottingham, which I have now corrected on the master copy (though these may not appear on the Keltek website for a while)

For Ascot, 52-1-8 is the correct weight (clarified by Nigel Taylor)

Don't know about Sunderland, and would be interested to hear more

Happy to liaise with you direct on this, Bill


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  We are updating the list of notable bells in the RW Diary. I have 
  checked the current list against Chris Pickford's list on the Keltek 
  website and have found a number of errors which will be corrected. 
  While doing this I noticed a number of anomalies which I hope that 
  list members can help to clear up.

  1) Sunderland Civic Centre (Warners 1899). CP's list says this bell 
  is unhung or lost. Does anyone have better info about the existence 
  of this bell?

  2) Ascot Priory. CPs list says the weight is 52-1-8 (Dove) or 52-1-18 
  (diary). Does anyone know which is correct?

  3) Nottingham Exchange. CP's list and the Diary give the location as 
  the Exchange, Alan Blair has suggested the bell is in the Council 
  House. Anyone know for certain?


  Bill H


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