[Bell Historians] Re: Tuning forks.

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> Quite. I never rang on the old bells at the Bullring, but people's 
> of them (and this seems to be confirmed by a recording I've heard) 
is that 
> they were an excellent-sounding 12, but the tower was good 
acoustically. At 
> Escrick, they are simply ordinary - sound-wise, they are not 
remarkable at 
> all. The tower isn't good acoustically, and I think that this 
proves the 
> point.
> David

The old bullring bells were quite grand with a unique brassy sound. 
I think the bells themselves actually sound better now retuned than 
they did before but the cramped space at Escrick detracts from this. 
If they had been retuned and retained as the back 12 of the 
bullring, they may have been quite exceptional.



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