[Bell Historians] Stavanger

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at QDx-j1kXPAiSeNbN9UckHKk2XT_Fv5hXt1So7swDRdPOom2bgs5a9ruWuvWOdnI9ILq7agw-8UBXV-fJ.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 25 06:04:58 BST 2006

At 00:11 +0100 06/04/25, David Bryant wrote:
>Does the carillon have a resident carilloneur? If so I'm sure they 
>would be able to provide whatever information you needed. I've met a 
>number of carilloneurs from the low countries, and they are all 
>extremely well-informed about the technical and historical aspects 
>of their instruments. It is part of their training.

Yes - the cathedral organist.  Further details are unknown at this 
time, though inquiries will continue.



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