[Bell Historians] Warner foundry closure

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at EWBibU9bHxCtQ7RFK0ROLN63aH_bCgWktd9v1_nQWKBjYgU3FFFhsWHoqlAfD1S0IsKmhHypI-S_rvMFsw.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 25 13:04:31 BST 2006

At 22:12 +0100 06/04/24, Chris Pickford wrote:
>I slightly suspect they were cast 1921, installed 1922 - but only 
>because 1921 is the date I'd previously been given and it fits with 
>other late Warner work.

That may well be true, and I could easily believe it.  As has been 
documented in this mail-list more than once, bellfoundries 
occasionally date their bells according to when the installation 
and/or dedication is expected to occur, rather than according to the 
actual date of casting.

In building the database which underlies the GCNA Website, it has 
long been my practice to record documented differences between the 
year of casting and the year of installation.  That's uncommon, but 
not exactly rare; I have even found the occasional bell which bears 
two different years because the founder was particularly 
conscientious about recording the casting date accurately.

Discrepancies between a bell's (only) inscription date and its actual 
casting date are much more rare, and almost always are difficult to 
document.  Absent such documentation, we have to take the bell's own 
date at face value.



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