[Bell Historians] Warner foundry closure

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at yJXj4Oflfyi3PHuFqG4QrM_sGhMlcHiJhTqNfmhm82ZA9mIefI86fhgq_x6-gRy30xPT5_6fgZ-xa5kWaMnVmBXFh1kQsGY.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 25 18:22:26 BST 2006

CSZ wrote: "we have to take the bell's own date at face value"

Agree entirely, and this is the date to quote whenever it can be ascertained - so if the organist / Carilloneur at Stavenger could be persuaded to check and see what's on the bells, it would be great.

Often, though, we only know of dates from documentary sources or press reports - and then we can only take the available date (e.g. dedication) or guess. Exact casting / tuning dates aren't generally that important to me, but I do like to be sure of the year - i.e. as cast on the bell (preferably) or as close as may be determined. A date from the inscription wins (i.e. even if it says 1875 and we happen to know that casting actually took place on 6 Feb 1876)

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  At 22:12 +0100 06/04/24, Chris Pickford wrote:
  >I slightly suspect they were cast 1921, installed 1922 - but only 
  >because 1921 is the date I'd previously been given and it fits with 
  >other late Warner work.

  That may well be true, and I could easily believe it.  As has been 
  documented in this mail-list more than once, bellfoundries 
  occasionally date their bells according to when the installation 
  and/or dedication is expected to occur, rather than according to the 
  actual date of casting.

  In building the database which underlies the GCNA Website, it has 
  long been my practice to record documented differences between the 
  year of casting and the year of installation.  That's uncommon, but 
  not exactly rare; I have even found the occasional bell which bears 
  two different years because the founder was particularly 
  conscientious about recording the casting date accurately.

  Discrepancies between a bell's (only) inscription date and its actual 
  casting date are much more rare, and almost always are difficult to 
  document.  Absent such documentation, we have to take the bell's own 
  date at face value.


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