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Tue Aug 15 17:08:28 BST 2006

On 8/15/06, Richard Offen <richard at hSpiS3ye7Rq9KRJh8oAKmvJHtdCJt6K9SehwAetYohy1bHUoyD1DwRmd0y_MSuYpWkPkCrW-.yahoo.invalid> wrote:

> The photo you have of the bell at Stodmarsh contains an early example
> of black shoe decoration, unlike black letter it's quite a rarity in
> camapanalogical circles!
> R

Hello Richard
I was SOOOOO gratified to read your rendition of the word
'camapanalogical', You, I, & Fabian Stedman seem to be the only ones
who would spell it so.Most everyone else prefers 'camapanological'
which may be good Greek but has nothing to do with the title of the
book Campanalogia (which in my copy of OED is incorrectly spelt
'Campanolgia' shame on them.

Anyhoo  Congrats on your contributions to the webpage  - a very useful site



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