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Tue Aug 15 19:58:07 BST 2006

> I would also very much like to include a photograph of the St Peter 
> Mancroft peal board for the first recorded peal in 1715.   I know of
> the illustration in Morris's History and Art of Change Ringing, but
> this is not of good quality or in colour.   Unfortunately, the board
> is quite high up on the wall of Mancroft ringing chamber, which makes
> photography difficult, but I really would like to include this
> important historic artefact if at all possible.
You have probably got what you want by now, but a (b & w) photograph of mine
of this peal board was published on p. 79 of Vol. 2 of 'Change Ringing:  The
History of an English Art'.  It is not difficult to photograph, by the way.

Hanford, Dorset, must be about the earliest bell I have photographed and an
illustration (again b & w) appears in Part 2 of 'Bells and Belfries of
Dorset".  Whitechapel Foundry has a photo of it too, from when it was



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