[Bell Historians] CCC Bells & Clocks Committee

David Bryant davidbryant at b7zpNUTIYvrPg5XBJJwl3GV-_rtR9xIp9J5DopDCTM1TBnltLe1AbCW21z7_aqnhRbkxx8gTEtYN6-ORXQIQXg.yahoo.invalid
Wed Aug 30 19:44:23 BST 2006

> What's wrong with being open about how any appointment is made? 

Nothing wrong with it, but asking existing members of said committee to 
explain in an open forum how they were appointed (when those asking 
generally know anyway) doesn't achieve anything. Perhaps I 
misinterpreted Robert's original email, but it seemed to be working up 
to the demanding questions to members of the committee which have 
already been aired in various places.

> Advertising or recommending candidates, interviews and a half decent
> performance management structure, and all should work well. Surely all
> appointments should be open and subject to scrutiny without referring 
> freedom of information.

Yes, agreed - but these are suggestions which can only be acted on by 
the CCC. If people have strong views why not write to the CCC secretary 
with them? If enough people express the same view there might be a 
chance of agreement being reached.



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