[Bell Historians] Taylor bells in Denmark

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Tue Dec 12 11:54:46 GMT 2006

Are there any other rings that have gone else where?
I think the USA has been asked about before but I do not remember any
3's or 4's going to the antipodes.
India has been discussed several times, as has the dead 8 in Singapore
However if the tower grabbers want something that goes round (in
theory), the following went to Jesus Church, Ny Carlsberg, Copenhagen
with wheels & pulleys, etc. in 1891:
1. 36.625" 9.3.16
2. 38.75" 11.0.9
3. 43.625" 15.2.18
4. 48.75" 21.2.0
Then theres the Taylor 3 at St Stephan Copenhagen:
1. 27.5" 4.0.26
2. 30.53" 5.2.12
3. 36" not weighed.
All JT 1958.

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