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Wed Dec 27 13:04:28 GMT 2006

It was the North American Guild AGM and I didn't miss it, I was there but
was busy teaching kids to ring changes on handbells instead of going to the
formal do. (I'm afarid I don't like formal meetings & often suffer the
consequence of 'you could have voted!'  ah well. I did go to the dinner &
heard Rick's speech but was not aware of any plans on display Neither was I
aware of the Whitechapel link that you gave!!! Thanks Richard  I really must
try to be good  Yes we all had hoped for Washington to be the first 12 in
the USA but ...maybe the first 13 or is it to be 14? perhaps after they've
solved the problem of where to park cars they will get back to it.....hope

All the best

On 27/12/06, Richard Offen <richard.offen at QKH5OtjkYT86G5kB99JemjpAYTjcDxY37aPDCyzxhYYfbz0Vjd_y9JQXxvimk8Q49xpBk3D6jrISqB-VM2YjJH0c.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> > I never actually saw any plans that had been drawn up,even though
> Richard,
> > I am an upright citizen- albeit with a slight stoop and noticeable
> limp
> > :-) but I was told that they were considering opening up the
> radial frame
> > to allow for the extra bells.
> You must have missed the 2001 Washington Cathedral Ringers AGM,
> because plans were on display at that meeting. But all is not lost
> as the drawing can be seen as an introduction to the Whitechapel Bell
> Foundry article on radial frames:
> http://www.whitechapelbellfoundry.co.uk/radial.htm
> One hopes that Rick's dream comes to fruition soon.
> Best wishes,
> Richard
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