5th anniversary of this list

David Bryant davidbryant at HPC86HEfo0rzVkyHfciFrcx3-wNQakw93uLaPb_hNHxI0DBZPPJoZnFIlk9wguFjleV9LD-OH8LOsIHecTyD.yahoo.invalid
Wed Dec 27 21:08:22 GMT 2006

On 7th February, it will be five years to the day since this list was set
up. Would anyone be interested in doing anything to mark this? Meet up at
some central point perhaps and look at bells / ring a quarter (or peal) or
two? The 7th is a Wednesday, so the best time would probably be either the
Saturday before (3rd) or the one after (10th).

Replies off-list please. If there is enough interest I'll see if I can
organize something - I realize it's rather short notice!



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