Bell Photographs.

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Thu Feb 9 13:32:46 GMT 2006

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> Jon wrote:-
> "(it is rust by the way, considering they've spent over 50 years
> in the tower, it's shocking the way they've been left to fall in
> to that state)."
> The rust is coming from the inside of the cast iron headstock
> caused by condensation within the hollow stock and evidences the
> high humidity of the area.  Personally I don't think it is too
> much to worry about and that much can be done about it now.  No
> doubt the installation is subject to a regular inspection and
> maintenance contract by a firm of qualified bellhangers who will
> examine the bolts holding the bell to the stock.

If I remember correctly, the bell bolts at Liverpool were replaced 
some years ago with stainless steel bolts.



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