[Bell Historians] Re: New 10s in 'virgin' towers

Mike Chester mike at za5SWqVXp3P_QIh7bsYS4RmY73LjYKPPDbNXuh6-du7-ar-imZ9mfbPlBa7Aj2Q5xumhltjemP7Lj68Q3aMYuWdt113wZA.yahoo.invalid
Mon Feb 27 11:45:16 GMT 2006

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, boyracer76 at ... wrote:
> Would I be right in saying that St George, Douglas (IOM) falls in to 
> category?
> They installed a ring of 10 and left two pits for two trebles which 
> then installed to make them an excellent ring of 12.

IIRC there was one bell there already that was initially made part of 
the ring, cast by a different founder than the other 9.  When the ring 
was augmented to 12 this bell was replaced.



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