[Bell Historians] Re: New 10s in 'virgin' towers

Mike Chester mike at LAxxGzm_5zC4ck5D7H5H8glSlv1ct4ALhB3Vv-7X6vYHjz8vdVz6JzbSvaHk5wfW402qsiLfAMxuF02Scg9hkvGKMCw.yahoo.invalid
Mon Feb 27 11:51:49 GMT 2006

Just checked in the obvious place!  Douglas had a single bell by 
Taylors 6-2-4, cast in 1958, that became the 6th of 10.  It was not 
considered a good match even though the other 9 were also be Taylors 
and this bell was replaced in 2001 when the trebles were added.



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