[Bell Historians] Who casts the best bells?

Andrew Aspland aaspland at GYlZFjTYi7Ev0-7aqZooRS0FWJTUZeIC_sXIf2c3OHvJu-8s5GU_UX1S_Soy4ynXAtQVDiOOD2aBgVpyPw.yahoo.invalid
Tue May 2 20:59:06 BST 2006

--I know this is a very difficult question with a great many variables
to consider (particularly application), but who casts the finest bells
today?  Eisebouts? Paccard? Petit & Fritsen? Taylor? Whitechapel? Some
other firm?

Far too much bias for Richard Offen's taste but I love Taylor bells for
their tone.  Quite a lot depends upon the manner in which the bell is
struck.  Some bells with mathematically excellent harmonics do not produce
the best tone whereas others which are not quite right on paper are
fantastic.  Why not look at second-hand bells - at least that way you can
hear the bell first!


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