[Bell Historians] Who casts the best bells?

David Bryant davidbryant at Hnx0u5-DrWzlTQIk0oiabRuqnxfZD8X2k8XvAtk0BqK56EtDtgP4ccRRjHB3PZsuvJteLQ5MZBj58zeGTXlWbpU.yahoo.invalid
Tue May 2 22:13:56 BST 2006

> I'm well aware that it would be easy to denigrate and then dismiss my
> question as being naive and unanswerable, but I really would like to
> hear some comments on the product quality levels of today's different
> bell foundries.

I think it is unanswerable simply because it is down to personal preference. 
Some people will prefer one foundry's bells, some will prefer another. It is 
all down to what you happen to like.

I don't have much experience of the overseas foundries, but I am sure that 
either of the major English ones would do a quality job. The best advice I 
can offer is to try to listen to and look at bells by foundries you are 
interested in, then make your choice.



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