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Just wondering what other people think about this one

Using the Felstead peals database and some other sources - including Mike Chester's "chimes" list - I find that the Ringing World is often cited by issue number. Am I alone in not finding this very helpful? It doesn't give you an indication of the date - nor (without lifting several volumes off the shelf) does it make it at all easy to find the reference. And without page numbers, citation by issue still necessitates a fair amount of hunting even when you've found the right one. Generally, it's good practice to make references as "self-standing" and readily meaningful as possible. I'm afraid issue no 1562 just doesn't do it for me!

My personal preference is for citing RW references by date, e.g. 20 March 1956, and with page numbers (or first relevant page). Abbreviating to year and page number - e.g. 1956 p.562 is also okay. 

The Bell News is more complicated, because a) the page numbering sequences doesn't coincide with the start of the calendar year (e.g. Jan to March will be pages 752-983, with page 1 in April) and b) the date isn't printed on each page and (where the advertising pages have been removed for binding) the date of each issue is not readily obvious. I still prefer 20 March 1885 p.763 (or 1885 p.763) as the ideal form of citation.

Northing WRONG with citing volume and issue numbers - it's probably good bibliographical practice. But it's more for "belt and braces" / perfection than for accessibility and ease of use.

No criticism intended of any of the sources. Just a plea for a meaningful citation. If others share my view - or disagree strongly - there might be a case for moving towards agreed standard practice in citation. Does this bother anyone else?

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