[Bell Historians] Re: Rudhall Rings

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Mon Nov 20 11:53:16 GMT 2006

Yes, true harmonic tuning does not mean that a ring is
good. Some true harmonic rings could be described as

In rings like Wrexham, some of the individual bells
may sound a bit crap, but as a ring they are



> Have not rung at Wrexham, (even though I lived not
> much more that 20 
> miles from the place for 15 years!), but they are
> the same vintage as 
> most of the back twelve at Swan Bells.   Mainly
> dating from 1725, 
> this Rudhall ring (tuned by Whitechapel), as long as
> you are not 
> after true-harmonic perfection (not always all that
> it is cracked up 
> to be!), produce a grand and magnificent sound,
> which is much loved 
> by all of us here in Perth.
> As we've said before Chris, it's all subjective!
> Richard

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