[Bell Historians] Somerset Bellfounders.

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Thanks David, 
I must admit - with my limited research - I came to the same  conclusions! 
In which case - I am pleased to say that the first Somerset cast bells  (i.e. 
ringing bells for a Church) for at least 137 years, were cast  today by 
Richard Bowditch (The two new trebles for Egloskerry). Fingers  crossed they turn 
out OK............
There are a few (only two or three survive, from memory) by a  Taunton
brassfounder named Roger Savory - 2/6 at Creech St Michael, 1838, is  one of
his. I'm pretty sure Tolland 2/3 is another although details aren't on  Dove.

The Creech bell is an odd shape (domed crown, very short waist),  and has
every appearance of a typical brassfounder'every appearance of a typica
reasonable to assume that it was actually cast by Savory rather than by  a
regular bellfounder for him. It's an absolute bucket, it must be  said!

Then there is the set of bells including Yeovilton tenor, which  claims to be
cast by Petter of Yeovil - others in this set bear the names of  several
other 'founders'. I don't believe anybody really knows who actually  cast
them or where, but Chris Dalton knows more about them than anyone  else.


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